New Speed 25 Camshafts

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New Speed 25 Camshafts

Postby IanHardaker » Sat Jan 23, 2016 3:47 am

Following the success of the Silver Eagle / Speed 20 camshafts that I made, I am going to make a batch of Speed 25 Camshafts, and would like to know of any members that may be interested in purchasing one. These will be made on the very latest CNC lobe grinding machines, and may be available with 2 or 3 different profiles... The original (Slightly modified to quieten the valve lift), a fast road cam, and possibly a full race cam, depending on whether I can get the profiles.
I would like to know of any possible interest, with no commitment required, just to get an idea how many to manufacture.
I can be contacted either through this forum, or directly by email at

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