Oil Pressure relief valve.. HELP!

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Oil Pressure relief valve.. HELP!

Postby Delagiste » Thu Mar 08, 2018 5:33 pm

On our SD Sp20 engine (which we are in course of rebuilding) I decided to check the OPRV, so took it out, well, took out the screw down bit and the spring. But the actual valve, a small plunger by the look of the diagram in the handbook, has stayed in its hole and doesn't want to come out. I have tried a strong magnet in the end of a rod with no success. Has anybody any ideas please?
Maybe a piece of rod bent right round into a U shape at the bottom end to try and push it up from inside the filter housing?
Any suggestions would be most welcome!
Maybe warm the aluminium casing with a blow torch then try the magnet?

The handbook says take it out to clean it, I wish I could!
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Got the little blighter! Bosch hot air gun down the filter housing for 1/4 hour, bit of bent rod up it's bottom, strong magnet on a piece of steel bar down the hole. Waggle waggle waggle. Success!

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