Another marathon for a little progress!

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Another marathon for a little progress!

Postby FLYJCW » Wed May 31, 2017 5:11 pm

Carrying on with the brakes saga I next tackled the handbrake, it was a rust welded mess. However I have fitted a new piece in the chassis so on with making the quadrant piece. I hacked it out of 4mm steel after making careful drawings and checking the angles and sizes. A quick dip in the zinc bath and it was ready to fit! Took a full day of my time! Then the ratchet which fortunately was in good enough nick when cleaned up as was the ratchet pawl. They both show galvanic corrosion patterns I think! The hand brake sliding mechanism was frozen solid and violence was called to dissemble it, including wrecking the slider screws. This was a nice little turning job, see pics and then into the zinc bath again. Sounds easy but it took ages, I was careful to flatten all sliding surfaces and adjust clearances on the special bolts and I now have a very smooth mechanism. The Nickel plating on the hand release lever was tatty so I removed it, zinc plated it polished it and clear lacquered it for now. I intend getting the car finished and driving and then go back doing cosmetics such as Nickel and Chrome plating as required....... they take ages at the platters and I want to progress for now. The zinc will stop things rusting until then.
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