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Vehicles used for wedding hire

Postby Silver Eagle » Wed Sep 05, 2012 7:58 pm

It appears that the law Commission is overhauling the regulation regarding operation of Taxis and Private Hire Cars (mini-cabs)

Cars used for weddings and funerals are currently exempted from this legislation, however one of the Law Commissions suggestions is that this exemption is removed. all the costs related to Taxis and Mini-cabs would then be applied to wedding cars. This would effectively destroy this type of usage.

A friend has summarised the potential costs involved:-

[i][i]I had heard some vagueness regarding this from a teller in Lloyds last week. I thought it was just hot air. Now looking on the net, if the proposal goes through, it looks nasty and although it might be possible to licence vintage cars (depending on the local authority in question), the costs would be awful.

Cars …Annual test £261 per car.

Owners £169 Operators licence.

£44 CRB report.


£100 Private hire licence.

£96 DSA test.

£44 CRB report

£90 medical.

In case you haven’t got your abacus handy…..

Your bill would come to £604, (just for you to drive) for the first year, plus the organising of it all.

I don’t want to think of what I’d have to stump up. And that’s if The Vale grants permission for a licence in the first place.

We have previously talked about the “can of worms” that the scrapping of the MOT for older vehicles might open. This is just the start of screwing more money out of us.

Don't know how much research you have done on this, but there is a bloke who has taken up the cudgel for the wedding car "industry"

He has initiated an association at his own website is He has put out a questionnaire to measure the size of the industry.

He has explained this in more detail and has the link to the Law Commission website.

Phil Robertson

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