EU Roadworthiness Testing Directive

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EU Roadworthiness Testing Directive

Postby TonyO » Thu Aug 23, 2012 10:13 pm

Hi all,

I have just been chatting with friends and have been made aware of another move by the great and marvellous EU. It appears that they are in the processes of issuing a new directive for all vehicles, not just those having historic status. Amongst other matters, I understand that 'original technical characteristics' are considered particularly pertinent under the new Directive (albeit it appears very vague with respect the the nterpretation of this term).

My presumption is that this move is due to pressure from the large European manufacturers who think that they are losing revenue due to people fitting cheaper pattern parts etc. However, if enacted there is a clear risk to everyone running historic vehicles, or even maintaining their own daily driver, that they may have issues in demonstrating compliance with the Directive. In particular, it is intended to be encumbent upon all drivers to demonstrate that their vehicle...

'Has not sustained any change in the technical characteristics of its main components such as engine, brakes, steering or suspension'

How many of us could stand up on court and argue that case?

Does the AOC have a view on this proposed Directive? And is it making representations through the FBHVC.

Happy driving,


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