Balancing wire wheels

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Balancing wire wheels

Postby Firstseadog » Wed Mar 20, 2019 12:26 pm

Could any member suggest a place in the South East with the kit to balance the wheels on a T series?
Is it better to have them balanced whilst fitted to the car?
Many thanks. Mike

Peter Martin
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Re: Balancing wire wheels

Postby Peter Martin » Wed Mar 20, 2019 4:29 pm

Any decent tyre shop should have the relevant spigots to balance wheels off the car. Never heard of them being done in situ.

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Re: Balancing wire wheels

Postby IanHardaker » Thu Mar 21, 2019 12:46 am

I have a car in Brazil, and did have the tyres balanced in situ! I've never seen it before, but they jacked the wheel up, put a white mark on it for a strobe pick up, and spun the wheel up to speed with a roller on the machine that the operator was sitting on. Then it told him how much and where to put the weight! It was an old machine, and worked very well. I've never seen anything like it before or since, but it does make sense to balance the whole rotating mass. However... don't think that you're going to get it done so easily in England or USA where I live!

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