TD21 Crank in TA21 block

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TD21 Crank in TA21 block

Postby paddysteel7 » Sat Feb 07, 2015 10:28 pm

I am in process of building an Engine from bits lying at home. I have a good TA block with liners and an apparently good TD crank rods and cam.
It looks like I will need new standard pistons, cam followers and TD shells for crank (shells need to be modified to fit TA block by changing locating tab position). Then I need to fit TA timing sprocket to TD crank and same for Camshaft. I need to fit TA spigot bearing to TD crank. The TD camshaft also need to be modified to take TA speedo drive.
Then need to sort TC head for unleaded not sure whether to do valve seats or larger modified valves as per Malcolm Boote?
Oil pump will be a Brian Chrimes mod TA body with TD gears.
More info to follow
Patrick Steel
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